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When do you offer open play tennis?

YFCTA "free" Open Play tennis occurs Monday and Thursday evenings from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. during the months of April through October at Kissel and/or Franklin Park Courts, barring high school team use.  Saturdays 9:00 am to Noon is also available for Open Play. Occasionally our "League" sessions occur at the same times as "Open Play" so if that happens you are free do do either because drop ins are always welcome at League sessions though advanced signup for league assures you court placement priority.  If you're looking for more Open Play you may also try "Sundays With Chris" which begins at 1:00 pm for the fearless competitive players among us.

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What are your Membership options?

YFCTA has 3 membership options:  Free Membership includes being on our Contact List and playing during any Open Play times, just send your name & email information to  Regular Membership is the same as Free Membership however you "pay as you play" in organized league matches, $3 ball fee per session.  Donor Membership is a $30 per year ($50 family) for unlimited league play with no ball fees. Tournament fees are separate and discounted for Donor Members.

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How do I join YFCTA?

To join YFCTA just send your name, email and (optional) phone number to
All information is confidential to our members only and will not be used for business or activities other than tennis.

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What does YFCTA stand for?

Yakima Free Community Tennis Association

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When did YFCTA become a group?

YFCTA became an official Community Tennis Association with the USTA in September of 2011.  Its founding members had been actively playing and organizing tennis events independently for 6 years following their departure from a previous tennis group called YCTA.  Our new "YFCTA" began with about 20 people and has grown to 100+ members today.

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What is the difference between ... Open Play ... League ... and Tournaments?

YFCTA "League" Sessions are pre-arranged organized Doubles matches during a 6 week period each season.  Matches are based on number of wins each week and your rating goes up or down accordingly.  There is NO requirement to attend each week to participate in this League however the more you play the better your rating.  During League sessions you can enjoy competing with players of similar ability levels and it is also more competitive since scores are recorded and then reported to our League Director.  Ball fees of $3 per session are appreciated during League sessions. See more details on our "League" page.   YFCTA "Open Play" on the other hand, is random matches (doubles or singles) played by any players who happen to show up on those days.  Players organize themselves and its just for fun, not for ratings or score keeping and its totally free.  Our YFCTA "Tournament" is a special 2 day doubles and singles event in August which requires advance registration and payment.  Players from Yakima and other cities are seeded by regular ratings of 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0+ .  Our Tournament Director schedules standard USTA style matches which are progressive until a winner is determined in each category, however as of now this Tournament is not yet sanctioned by USTA.

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Yakima Free Community Tennis Assn. became an official CTA with USTA in September of 2011.
You will be happy to discover that you can really join this great tennis group for FREE!
For more information just email